Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Normal Day in the Office

For us, the work day begins normally at 8:15 AM. We walk from Christine Platt's house (the CEO of Global Recordings Australia) to the office. It normally takes us about 15 minutes, depending on the traffic to cross the major road. This will take us to Global Recordings.

The offices that we are working in is on the ground floor of the building. Marc has been working on the remastering of the audio files, to make them cleaner sounding by taking out the extraneous noises and extra files. He then will begin to input them into the system, making them available for downloading from the Web.

Diane has been working with the Original recordings that do not have any information in the database, and adding the data to make it complete.

She has also been working with Cheryl to inventory the cool room. This is called the cool room for the obvious reason of the temp: 17 degrees C (62.9 degrees F). But it is low humidity, making it seem cooler.

Cool room

Media files

These are some of the people working on various projects: Erin and Henry, editing materials. Henry has an Arabic Bible. Cheryl is working with materials in the database.